Programs for Medical Reps

Introduction: Anup’s programs for MRs are grounded in experience and his daily engagement with MRs on social media. Each program ensures high engagement levels through activities, discussion and a focus on the ground-level issues confronting MRs in their daily routines.

Key Goals and OutcomesProgram’s for MRs focus on two key areas – Personal Motivation and Self Development and Sales Excellence. At the end of the program participants can expect to:

  1. Have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Take charge of their professional success and career growth.
  3. Achieve breakthrough sales performance by using the principles of RCPA, Sales Funnel, Communication Excellence, Customer Segmentation, POEM and KA$H=Cash

USPs of the Program

  • Contextual and relevant: The program has been designed to directly address the needs of Medical Reps in the Indian context.
  • Pre-program Assessment: Participants fill out a brief assessment questionnaire prior to the program which is used to assess the need-gap and fine-tune the program.
  • Focus on behavioural change. Candidates prepare Personal Action Plan (PAC) outlining how they intend to put the learning to use. Each PAC can reviewed periodically.
  • Activities and Discussions. There is an emphasis on kinesthetic learning and sharing of participants’ field experiences through discussion.

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