Program for Medical Reps – Modules

Programs for Medical Reps are delivered over a minimum of 2 days. On day one, the focus is on Personal Motivation and Self Development – this is essential to get the buy-in of participants for learning and application. On day two the focus is on Sales Excellence. Programs can be fine-tuned based on client requirements.

Personal Motivation and Self Development modules

Module 1: The Success Mindset
Module 2: What Creates a satisfied Customer?
Module 3: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits (KA$H)=Cash
Module 4: Planning-Organizing-Executing-Monitoring (POEM) for Effective Time Management

Sales Excellence and In-clinic Effectiveness modules

Module 1: The role and functions of a Medical Rep
Module 2: Communication for In-clinic Effectiveness
Module 3: Bring it all together: The 4 factors of Sales Effectiveness
– Right Doctor (Sales Funnel),
– Right Frequency (Planning , Organising, Execution, Monitoring)
– Right Message (Communication Quadrant)
– Right Influencer (Knowing your KOLs)
OPTIONAL Module 4: What the Medical Rep needs to know about Marketing
OPTIONAL Module 5: Who are KOLs and KBLs – Understanding the Rx market dynamics
OPTIONAL Module 6: OPTIONAL: The digitally-empowered Medical Rep

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