Program for Frontline Managers

Introduction: The pharma front-line manager (FLM) is key to translating boardroom strategy to on-the-field results. A competent FLM knows how to align team members and use Company resources to deliver outstanding performance.

Yet most FLMs are handed the job without the skills to Manage Business and Lead People – the two most important functions of an FLM. As a result business suffers and the team is left frustrated. The program addresses precisely this skill-gap.

Key Goals and Outcomes: By focusing on the skills needed to effectively manage business and lead a team, the program will deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Sharpen the Sales Team Leadership skills of Front-line Managers and their ability to attract, develop and retain Medical Reps.
  2. Sharpen the Business Management Skills of Front-line Managers enabling them to effectively Plan, Organise, Execute and Monitor all activities in their territory.

USPs of the Program:

  • Contextual and relevant. The program has been designed to directly address the needs of front-line managers in the Indian pharma industry.
  • Pre-program Assessment: Participants fill out a brief assessment questionnaire prior to the program which is used to assess the need-gap and fine-tune the program.
  • Focus on behavioural change. Candidates prepare a detailed Personal Action Plan (PAC) outlining how they intend to put the learning to use. Each PAC can reviewed periodically.
  • Activities and Discussions. There is an emphasis on kinesthetic learning and sharing of participants’ field experiences through discussion.

See list of modules.