Professional Background

Anup has over 30 years of experience in the Indian pharma industry.

He began his career as a Medical Rep, then worked as a Front-line Manager both in pharma and medical devices.

He then moved into the CME space where he spent 12 years, eventually rising to the position of Executive Director and CEO. In this capacity, he established a network of over 1,000 KOLs in all major specialties making his company a leader in the publication of scientific journals and customized inputs for pharma.

Fulfilling his passion for learning and development, Anup became a full-time facilitator in 2004.

Credentials as a Facilitator

Anup has delivered The Bullet Proof Manager of Crestcom International, a program attended by over 1 million professionals globally.

He has also delivered the international programs of BlessingWhite (US) and Psytech (UK) – a psychometric service provider.

He has written two self-development and career progression bestsellers for pharma front-line professionals: SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager (Flipkart); HardKnocks for the GreenHorn (Flipkart)

He is the author of Repeat Rx, a structured program designed to enable the field force to create trust and build relationships with doctors.

He is a contributor to The Art of Modern Sales Management by ASTD Press. (Purchase on Amazon)

He has an MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Wales, UK.

Credentials as an Industry Connector and Consultant

Anup has developed an extensive network of pharma professionals from CEO to Medical Rep both in India and abroad. He is one of the most recognised pharma professionals on social media.

Anup created 2 high-visibility platforms for senior pharma professionals to meet and deliberate on the most pressing issues impacting the industry: Field Force Excellence (FFE) Conference + CEO Roundtable and BrandStorm (Learn more). These have become highly sought after networking and publicity opportunities for technology startups and other service providers in the pharma space.

Anup has advised pharma technology startups and other service providers on issues of positioning, marketing, partnerships and scaling up.

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