Program for Brand Managers

Great pharma brand strategies often fail because of lack of communication and trust between the brand management team and the field force. The aim of this program is to enable brand managers to effectively translate boardroom strategy to ground-level results by building trust and empathy with sales.

Key Goals and Outcomes: 

  1. To make brand managers aware of the challenges faced by the Field Force at the ground level and partner with the Field Force to bring about alignment between Brand Strategy formulation and Brand Strategy execution at the field level on a daily basis.
  2. To create empathy, trust and a culture of collaboration between marketing and sales.
  3. To give Brand Managers an overview of Field Force processes like SFE to enable them to align their strategy with the working of the Field Force.

USP of the ProgramThis is a one-of-its-kind program to bring about alignment between the brand management team and the field force. The program highlights the importance of empathy and trust when bringing together two functions with very different skill sets, personalities and expectations.

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