Program for Brand Managers – Modules

The program has 10 Modules divided into 3 sessions and is typically delivered over 2.5 days.

Session 1
ObjectiveUnderstanding the role of Marketing (Brand Building), Strategy Making, and Field Force (Strategy Execution).

Module 1: Mindset – What it is and how it impacts field force performance.

Module 2: Using the paradigm of “growth mindset” versus “fixed mindset” to understand barriers to learning, changing and improving.

Module 3: Activity – Trust Walk. The outcome of the activity is an understanding of how trust is built and the connection between “trust” and “execution”. The concept of “Speed of Trust: High Trust = High Speed” is introduced.

Module 4: Motivating the Field Force; energizing and bringing alignment of organizational and personal goals.

Session 2
Objective: Understanding the dynamics of communication – with Field Force and with Doctors.

Module 5: Activity and Videos to emphasize the need for effective communication with the Field Force

Module 6: Communicating with customers – profiling and segmenting Doctors; making the Field Force aware of different approaches for different customers:

  1. For KOLs use CME and Medico marketing
  2. For KBLs use KAM
  3. For Other Doctors use CRM

Module 7: Using the Communication Grid to assess call effectiveness with a focus on listening, empathy, and body language.

Module 8: Understanding Field Force dynamics. How to use the 4 factors of SFE to assess FFE productivity  using lagging and leading indicators.

Session 3
Objectives: Learning through case studies,recap and discussion.

Module 9: Understanding Memory process for effective learning and in-clinic interaction

Module 10: Case Studies and discussion

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